Passion is a double room that can be transformed almost by magic into a triple.
This took shape from the noun “passion”. It hangs suspended in a balance of the colors red, orange and tobacco.
In it you can always find your equilibrium, your longing for peace, silence, detachment from the daily life, from commitments, limits… work. Passion is here ready to welcome you.

L'ecce Sphero


There are many services included in the price of L’ecce Sphero Superioe B&B.

The five big rooms (aria, acqua, terra, fuoco, passione) have been designed to offer you a pleasant stay with all the desired comforts . For your convenience, there is air conditioning and heating, a private bathroom, beauty supplies, a 32’’ screen TV, refrigerator, a strongbox and free internet.

Standard cleaning alternates days, linen change every 3 days and: private parking, bicycle rental with suggestions and guides for percorsi ciclo-turistici (touristic bicycle routs). Bar Angle and personal solarium are included.

Discover our Bar Angle, our Villa and our Garden.

    L'ecce Sphero


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    L'ecce Sphero

    The Bar Angle

    When arriving at L’ecce Spero superior B&B, your senses will be swept away by the union of elegant rocks and the smell of the Mediterranean. Upon your arrival you can enjoy a fresh welcome aperitif that will mix the typical Salento flavors with creative fantasies.
    In this room you awaken feeling better than ever…Enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared at home with natural and healthy ingredients from the soil of Salento.
    Among the tastes that will overwhelm you, you will be able to find a classic breakfast, for example, on a summer morning enjoy a caffelatte and a pastry (from Lecce) or a fresh squeezed fruit juice accompanied by a yoghurt plum cake.
    If your tongue likes exotic flavors, then your eyes may enjoy the vivid colors of the Salento countryside.

    L'ecce Sphero

    The Garden

    The B&B rises on an area of about 27,000 square meters of agriculture land where tranquility, nature and peace seem to be infinite. Everything surrounding you, small paths, “pietra leccese”, an antique well, a swimming pool and old columns are unique. You may liesurely walk around in order to admire olive trees, various fruit trees, vegetables… not to talk about many, many, “macchia mediterranea” and many barnyard animals. This is the perfect vacation for anyone who would like to be immersed into a relaxed environment. In the garden of L’ecce Sphero you will feel suspended in a timeless atmosphere, living enchanted moments … “and it is beautiful to lose yourself in this magic spell”

    L'ecce Sphero

    The Villa

    In a colonial villa of Salento, immersed in green and surrounded by typical dry stone walls, you will find yourself welcomed by the elements, air, water, fire, earth and passion. These give birth to five rooms dedicated in their names, each with a distinction that makes them unique. All is set in an atmosphere that contrasts modern and retro, which will make you feel like you are in a new dimension, where the usual rules cannot be found. Inside the structure, every comfort and need takes shape and offers you a delightful stay in beautiful and unmatched Salento. L’ecce Sphero rises in a small and characteristic village only 10km south-east from Lecce. The astonishing baroque city inspired many artists; among them, Vittorio Boldini, who described it as follows “ A simulacrum of rocks simulates in thousands of ways the infinite”

    A few steps away from l’ecce Sphero spreads the stretch of, “ sweet, clear, fresh and green water”, of one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated parts of the Adriatic Sea, the Oasis of the WWF “ le Cesine” (only 4 km away). You can enjoy the many seaside resorts that surround you: Torre Specchia, Nettuno, San Foca, Rosa, with its archeological digs … Torre S. Andrea, the Laghi Almini and at last the unlocked door between the Orient and the Occident: Otranto.

    Do you want to spend your holiday in complete serenity?

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