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L’ecce Sphero comes from the ideas of many philosophical, poetical and intellectual readings that have discussed the fusion of the elements. All of the ideas, despite the different undertones, come together as one. Love brings the elements together to reach the perfect form. There is no angle, no imbalance, no difference from any given point of view, that is, they come together as “Sphero”. Every room of l’ecce Sphero superior B&B reflects this belief. Our rooms are a cross between retro and modern, where the attention to detail underlines the theme chosen: The Elements.

You can admire both a strong and gentle contrast in everything that composes our rooms: rock, columns, flowers, smells, lights and sensations…. that will try to detach you from day to day life and project you into world of your own. It is exactly there, that you will find the sought-after essence of each element that moves from air, to earth, from fire to water… to later give you a passionate embrace.

Every room is similar to the other given the comfort and sophistication, but at the same time each is very different in style and composition. Each will become your ideal Suite, and will forever remain in your mind, for a vacation or a short stay.

The rooms come with the comforts of a perfect climate, a private bathroom, beauty necessities, a big central screen, a refrigerator, a strongbox and free wifi.

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Passion is a double room that can be transformed almost by magic into a triple.
This took shape from the noun “passion”. It hangs suspended in a balance of the colors red, orange and tobacco.
In it you can always find your equilibrium, your longing for peace, silence, detachment from the daily life, from commitments, limits… work. Passion is here ready to welcome you.


Water is a double room creation taken from its name, “ Acqua”.
This is a room where the nuances of blue from the floor and ceiling give you a feeling of floating in water. Acqua.
In it you can always find yourself and enjoy fragments of radiant peace and serenity… immerse yourself in its pleasures. Acqua.


Fire is a double room that has taken creation from its name, “Fuoco”.
A room where orange, with its blend, between red and sand, glimmer, and chiaroscuro, gives a feeling of warmth and softness.
In it, you can always feel positive vibrations and forget about your daily routines. Fire creates a blend between instinct and rationalism with its warmth. It is here waiting for you.


(earth) is a big double bedroom that can be easily transformed into a room for four. Terra.
A room dominated by all the shades of earth, inside you will feel like being in the womb of the earth, in the center of all life.
In it you can always find your nature, your sought-after peace, the much desired silence, that bit of detachment. Terra… to live, Terra… to love.


Air is a double room inspired by the element itself, “Aria”.
A room in white, where all of it’s variations envelope and steal your thoughts, fostering relaxation.
The ceiling and floor almost fluctuate, wrap and cradle your body and mind, giving a sensation of flying.
In it you can experience soft emotions rising from the perfume of dreams… Air, light… “and they loved each other suspended by a row of clouds”.

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